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Chef Kris' Services

Weekly, biweekly or monthly personal chef service will include:

• Initial Consultation and Personalized Food Assessment: At a mutually agreed upon time, we will meet to discuss food preferences, sensitivities and dietary requirements.

• Menu Planning: Together we will plan the first chef date's menus, and discuss the packaging arrangements and preferences.

• Grocery Shopping For Your Menus: I will shop for the freshest ingredients each chef date. I may need to stop several places, but you may be assured that I will select from the best ingredients available. Grocery costs are not included in my cooking service fee.

• Cooking Selected Entrees and Appropriate Sides Dishes: I will rotate the entrees based upon preferences.

• Packaging and Labeling: Your refrigerated food items will be labeled with heating instructions for your convenience. All items will be packaged for the freezer and left in your fridge. I will show you how to thaw and heat your meals safely. Your prepared meals will be stored for your pleasure in either sturdy containers, or vacuum-sealed bags.

• Clean Up: You will arrive home to a clean kitchen with custom prepared meals and the delightful aroma of the day's cooking!